Our top tips for selecting the right skin care products

Our top tips for selecting the right skin care products

Happy Easter everyone and welcome to our official springtime!

The kids are off school and looking forward to lots of Easter egg hunts and chocolate treats, which brings in our theme for this month, hunting for new products and changing up that winter routine!

With so many products and brands available now, how do you even begin to choose?

Here are our top Chakra Spa tips for picking the right products for your skin:

Avoid nasty chemicals

Always try to aim for products that are as natural as possible. There are so many products on the market that that are full of chemicals, which can lead to sensitised and irritated skin. Aim to avoid products that contain artificial fragrance, D&C colours, or lots of preservatives.

Speak to an expert

Try to speak with a skin care therapist when possible. They spend years training on the inner workings of the skin and can be a fountain of knowledge for any skin concerns you may have.

Don’t fall for fads

Never go for a ‘fad’ product. Just because a new product has launched, does not mean it will be suitable for your skin. You may end up damaging your skin if it’s not for you.

Keep it simple

It’s so easy to keep purchasing product after product, but in reality you may be unlikely to stick to a high maintenance skin care routine. Plus, using too many products can end up affecting your skin. Your skin can become overloaded with products, causing sensitivity, breakouts and all manner of other issues.

An ideal skin care routine

Stick to a good basic routine of cleanse, tone, moisturise day and night. Exfoliate twice a week and use a good quality mask at least once a month. Alongside a good SPF every morning this is enough to keep the skin in top shape. Anything extra is there to solve concerns or issues with your skin. Don’t feel you need to use them all the time if you don’t have any skin concerns!

Here at the Chakra spa, we love our natural spa factory products. With no Parabens, chemicals or nasties in them they are great for all skin types. The products are not tested on animals and they are made either here in the UK, or in the home of scent, France. Another bonus!

Just pop down to the spa and speak to one our team to find out more.

Happy Hunting!

Dawn – Senior Therapist x