Do beauty products really expire?

Do beauty products really expire?

This month we’re sharing our complete guide to spring cleaning your make up. Do beauty products really expire and how to tell the shelf life of your beauty products!

Time for a spring clean!

There’s nothing better than that feeling after a good spring clean and this is just the time of year for it. The first flowers are blooming and there’s freshness in the air telling us summer is round the corner!

But as well as the obligatory house clear out, what about a product clear out? This is regularly overlooked with most of us not wanting to throw our old mascaras or favourite creams. But these could actually cause more harm than good, with goodness knows how much bacteria and grime festering in that bag! Reports show that 25% of women use makeup over 4 years old. But yet 1 in 10 admitted to suffering from conditions such as conjunctivitis, which may be triggered by out of date makeup.

Make sure you stick to the 3 to 6 month rule when it comes to product lifespan.

Mascara should be no longer than 3 months and foundations usually between 6-12 months. Most skincare products will have an open jar symbol printed on the packaging telling you how long you can safely use that product for, before you need to bin it. By sticking to this you lower the chances of spreading any pesky bacteria and keep your makeup bag looking healthy.

How to clean your make up brushes

Another task we all dread doing (and never do enough) is to wash our makeup brushes! For personal use you should clean these once a month as a minimum. This can be done just by using antibacterial hand wash or a mild shampoo. Lather onto the brushes with warm water and rinse until the water runs clear. This may have to be repeated a couple of times if it’s been a while. Once clean, squeeze out any excess water, lay flat and leave to dry naturally.

By doing this often you will find your makeup will apply evenly, plus this will stop any pesky congestion caused by old product build up. Another way to make sure your skin remains blemish free.

Don’t share your products

Now your makeup bag is clean and fresh, another tip is not to share with friends! Items like mascara, eye liner and lipsticks are the worst for spreading infections. The last thing you want is to catch your bestie’s lingering cold sore. If you have to then make sure to use a different applicator and no double dipping!

Happy cleaning!

Dawn – Senior Therapist at Chakra Spa x

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