The secret to flawless party-ready skin.

The secret to flawless party-ready skin.

Ever wonder how to get flawless skin? That perfect base to apply your makeup as smoothly and effectively as possible?

Well, our Spa Therapist Dee is here to give you some tips and recommend some products to make sure your skin is party ready!

Dee says …

Skin Care routine

Firstly, I find that having a good skin care routine is important and helps to prepare the skin’s surface.

If you struggle to fit in a full product regime, simply moisturise daily and exfoliate a couple of times a week. It will make a big difference not only to the appearance of the skin but the texture too.


Let’s start with the cleanse. I like to use the Illuminate melting cleanser from the Natural Spa Factory product range. This cleanser brightens and evens skin tone – it feels very silky and smooth to apply. This multi-functioning cleanser has beautiful hints of vanilla and white flower and helps rid the skin of any excess oils and debris to allow a smoother makeup application.


I love to exfoliate a good few times a week to help remove any dry skin that creates that nasty, blotchy, flaky effect you see when you try to apply foundation over the top. Use an exfoliator in small circular motions all over the face and neck, then remove with water. This will leave your skin feeling super smooth and create a better canvas for your best party look!

Relax with a face mask

Not everyone has the time to just sit and relax (I know I don’t being a new mum)! But I recommend treating yourself occasionally to a relaxing facial mask. Not only will this give you some well-deserved me-time, but it will also contribute towards that flawless look we all aim to achieve.

I love to use the Illuminate peel off mask, which helps promote refreshed and glowing skin making it appear younger – bonus! This mask also encourages cell renewal, which is great for after you’ve just exfoliated.


Lastly a good moisturiser is key to that new skin feeling. The Illuminate moisturiser is a light cream with vitamin E and Jojoba oil to nourish and even out skin tone at the end of your at home skin care routine. This cream will also lighten the appearance of blemishes and age spots leaving a perfect silky-smooth surface to apply your makeup.

So, whether it’s an upcoming Christmas party or special event, I hope you can now achieve the perfect look with my tips and products that have greatly helped me.

If you’d like to know more about the Natural Spa Factory products mentioned or book some pre-party pampering – get in touch.

Until next time.

Team Chakra Spa x