How to maintain your summer tan

How to maintain your summer tan

Just because the long summer days are fading, it doesn’t mean that your tan has to! Here’s 3 of our top tips on how to make your summer glow last throughout autumn and winter:

  1. Exfoliation is key: when it comes to maintaining your summer radiance, you must take care of your skin. This is because dead skin cells are your tan’s worst enemy. Dry skin makes your tan look dull and diminished. So, exfoliate your skin gently with a fine-grained scrub like our new sloe gin or watermelon scrubs and you’ll glow for months to come.
  2. Keep cool: although the cooler weather tempts us to turn up the temperature in the shower, it’s important to stay away from hot water when you’re trying to maintain your tan. Keep your water cool and follow up your body scrub with a silky liquid body wash like our vanilla and fig body wash collection.
  3. Stay hydrated: if you follow the first two steps, you are almost there with a successful long-lasting tan. But if you forget the key hydration process than it will all be in vain! A light moisturiser for the body is essential, to keep feeding the new skin cells. Drink plenty of water too – at least 8 glasses a day – and start layering your favourite moisturiser on for the double hydration effect your tan needs!

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